Catherine Meeson’s The Way of Sound is the natural progression of a lifelong passion with music. The skill sets developed, the area of expertise, (music sound health, independent production, songwriting and artist /community well-being) are all facets that the artist owner has walked and studied in herself. The Way of Sound offers support for the creation journey, from initial musical stirrings and curiosity to fully fledged released work, making music videos and distribution. Our territory is all the things artists may encounter in the current climate. Launching in 2022 the following services are on offer coaching, mentoring, artist pd’s and well-being, workshops, recording mixing and production and D.I.Y indie release.

Catherine’s songwriting journey began at 12, in the late 80’s analogue era with her high school girls rock band ‘The Stormers’. She aims to maintain links with the analogue aesthetic but can track digital and analogue. Various D.A.W.S can be utilised (Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton), and plug ins, good monitors, and a selection of instruments. Being a self produced indie artist with 4 albums video clips and other works released over the last ten years, commitment to long form vision is something well understood. The last few years have seen various collaborations and soon to be released solo work and work with The Safety Word, L.E.M.O.M compilation albums, and E-Con Records. The awesome collective voice of the unique band Symbols in Sounds. Be beyond definition, just be that point in time that gets it done, and the music lives and breaths beyond you, out in the world. Assisting others to realize their vision and voice is just magic. The Way of Sound aims to companion you on whatever stage of your musical journey you are on, helping you set sail to the destination of your dreams. Music is the Boat………

Practitioner training is in development in ‘Music Sound Health’ and also specialized P.D’s. exploring and incorporating the therapeutic and spiritual dimensions/ potential of both music and sound principles. Services will be gradually rolled out.

QUALIFICATIONS- Adv Dip Art Therapy, Bachelor Creative Arts Industries, (Hons – Music) Current Audio Engineering and Sound Production studies, Researcher

Sonic Sanctuary Land – were Wav. surfing goes down….the Way of Sound